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Bartimaeus Inc.
has been successfully supporting individuals who are experiencing emotional, psychological, developmental and/or behavioural difficulties, and their families since 1988. Over the years, we have expanded our capacity to accommodate some of the growing service requests and now offer a plethora of Speciality and Management services.

SUPPORT SERVICES provided to people, of all ages, who are exhibiting moderate to severe behavioural difficulties as a result of emotional, developments, or psychological problems or resulting from an acquired brain injury.

REHABILITATION SERVICES provided to people who are recovering from brain injuries, or other serious trauma, with support in reaching their therapeutic goals.

CONSULTATION, TRAINING & MANAGEMENT SERVICES available to social service agencies, health care facilities and organizations, correctional facilities and school boards. Consultation and Training programs support direct service work of an organization; Management service is available to assist social service organizatons in developing effective management structures and operational systems.